Best RSPS yet. I started adding customs. Drygores are added now. And working on added loads of more customs. Please enjoy!! :)

    Satan for mod/admin :)



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    Satan for mod/admin :)

    Post by satan on Mon Jun 22, 2015 2:16 pm

    Ingame username: satan

    Average daily activity: 5-15 hours (This depends on whether or not I'm at work, or at college, though I only have a week left of college now so I'll be much more available for the next 3 months before university)

    Why you would make a good candidate?: I'm loyal, hard-working, dedicated and a team player. I really enjoy connecting with a game's community, I study games design right now and am going into concept art, therefore from my games design studies I can bring something that not many people can... a professional understanding. Not only of the game itself, but the community behind it. Without trying to toot my own horn too much, I have been awarded Best Student for my course for the two years that I have been there and am aiming to finish the course on a Triple Distinction* grade (The highest grade possible), thought I'd mention that since I am trying to sell myself here, after all. The forums are one of my favourite places to be when I'm just chilling with no sudden urge to play, but still be a part of the community anyway.

    Knowledge of the server: I may have only played a week but I started playing Runescape in 2006, and have a near enough maxed Rs3 account, so my general Runescape knowledge is strong, as well as playing countless private servers over the years. My knowledge specifically of the server can only grow and grow as time goes on, even if you just consider me for a future position.

    Location: Cananda

    A bit about yourself: Well, apart from re-typing the above.. I just enjoy playing games, as of recent I haven't had time to play my Xbox's much because of the college and Hyperion grind. Most of you have seen that I do take pride in my artwork. I work in a sports store called 'Sports Direct' which drains my weekends sometimes, though I do plan on changing my hours soon Smile. I guess if you want to know more you could always ask me.  Smile

    Do you have skype?: Yes, I will provide if necessary.

    i have been a mod on many servers like- galaxyscape-relaxscape-turboscape- and admin for -galaxyscape aswell-

    i have only ever muted or jailed someone if they truly could not resolve the problem and were continuing to escalate the issue at hand.

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